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 GEO-EM 2017
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    Announcement: The conference proceedings has been published at AIP Conference Proceedings Geo-EM 2017.

      Geo-EM 2017


      The 1st Geo Electromagnetic Workshop (Geo-EM) 2017, a biennial event that provides an international platform that brings together those who are actively involved in the field of geophysics especially in geo-electric & electromagnetics geophysical methods and rock magnetic. All academicians, researchers and budding students around the world are welcomed to promote and share their research in the fields of : geosciences, engineering, environmental and energy/mineral resource exploration especially in the field of Geophysics, geo-electric & electromagnetic method and rock magnetic. The event will be held on February 20th –24th, 2017 at Bandung Institute of Technology.

      On behalf of all the committees, it is an honour for us to invite you to the 1st Geo-EM in Bandung, Indonesia. We reallly are looking forward to having you here to participate and share in this event.

      Yours Faithfully,

      The chairman

      Dr.rer.nat.Widodo, S.T., M.T.

      Conference topic:

      The 1st Geo-EM’s theme “Development and Application of Geoelectric & Electromagnetic Methods and Rock Magnetic for Earth Resources Exploration” is meant to encourage the development and application of geo-electric & EM methods and rock magnetic to support sustainable energy in the fulfillment of the human needs. It also has a wide meaning in environmental conservation and monitoring efforts in an attempt to minimize the disaster victims in Indonesia. Hence, the topics of interest would be including but not limited to:

      • 1. Theory, Modeling and Inversion
      • 2. Geophysical Exploration for Oil and Gas
      • 3. Geophysical Exploration for New and Renweable Energy
      • 4. Environmental Geophysics
      • 5. Engineering Geophysics
      • 6. Tectonic and Monitoring Hazard
      • 7. Rock Magnetism

      The accepted papers will be published in America Institute Publishing (AIP) Conference Proceedings : (ISSN: 0094- 243-X, E- ISSN: 1551-7616) – [Scopus indexed]

      For questions and answers (or in case of emergency)
      during your trip in Bandung, please contact the following : 

      (Contact Number)
      Email 1: sekretariat@gem2017.org (support)
      Email 2: geo.em2017@gmail.com (abstract submission)
      Phone 1 : (+62) 813-1422-5554 Ms. Sevi
      Phone 2 : (+62) 852-6278-6130 Ms. Azizatun

      The event is expected to be held in February 2017 with a goal to introduce and exercise the latest cutting-edge scientific and applicative technology in the field of Electromagnetic and geo-electric. Attended by many experts, this event surely serves as a perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge on geophysics as well as a chance for you to discover the beauties which Bandung has to offer.



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