Transportations and Accommodations

ITB campus is located in a very strategic area: Dago. In this area, you would find so many hotels and inn varied in facilities and prices. You would also have alternatives whether to book it directly to the hotel (offline) or online via Trip advisor,,, , Traveloka etc.

Here are some near ITB hotel recommendations: Geulis Boutique Hotel, Patra Jasa Hotel, Sensa Hotel, Wisma Dago, Holiday Inn etc.


To travel in Bandung, these transportation choices are available : Damri, Angkot/Mini bus (city public transport), Taxi or via online booking such as Grab, Go-jek, Go-car, Uber.

Hotel :

  1. Geulis Boutique Hotel
    Contact : +62 22 – 2507777
    Website :
  2. Patra Jasa Hotel
    Contact : +62 22 250 2664
    Website :
  3. Sensa Hotel
    Contact : +62 22 8206 2444
    Website :
  4. Wisma Dago
    Contact : +62 22 2501356
    Website (trip advisor) :
  5. Holiday Inn
    Contact : +62 22 4211333
    Website :


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